Frontier justice in the Middle East

Once again, Reuters shows its bias against Israel and in favor of the Palestinians. In this story, they discuss the “resumption” of capital punishment by the Palestinian Authority.

I am amazed that Reuters continues to get away with this sort of thing. This story ought to outrage liberals on so many levels.

1) One of the tenets of modern liberalism seems to be a rejection of capital punishment. Israel, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t executed anyone since Eichmann back in the 60’s, but here the Palestinians are announcing they intend to resume executing people. So who’s the bad guy here?

2) Reuters goes out of its way to cite as an example two men who raped and killed a 7-year-old girl. They don’t mention that the most common capital offense in Palestinian territory is “collaborating with Israel.” Apparently working with Israel in fighting terrorism is something best done at the highest levels, and then only in an abstract sense. Anyone actually DOING something about terrorism is obviously a threat to “the peace process” and MUST be killed immediately.

3) I have never seen any descriptions of what constitutes “due process” in Palestinian courts. Never mention of the rights of the accused, the defending counsel, the public trials, the other sentences. Do the Palestinians even have prisons? Or are the only penalties fines, maimings, and executions, but no incarceration?

4) The most common forms of execution by Palestinians are either hanging or shooting — most often done in public, quite often with the condemned’s family being forced to watch. Doesn’t that constitute “cruel and unusual?”

I realize most of my points derive from American law and the U.S. Constitution and thus have no weight on the matter, but they seem to be universally (if quietly) recognized as sound principles.

I’ve written before about Palestinian “justice,” and I see things haven’t improved since August. But I’m sure this qualifies as “progress” towards peace.



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