No Charges In Fallujah Mosque Shooting

Last November Wizbang reported that journalist/blogger Kevin Sites had witnessed a disturbing killing in a Fallujah mosque. Tonight CBS is reporting that no charges against the Marine will be filed.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Military investigators have decided there is not enough evidence to bring formal charges against a Marine who killed an unarmed Iraqi while his unit searched a Fallujah mosque, CBS reported on Wednesday.

The Marines entered the mosque last fall during an offensive aimed at clearing insurgents from Fallujah. They were seeking the source of insurgent gunfire and found several men wrapped in blankets on the mosque floor.

After what he reported as movement, a Marine fired at one of the men on the floor, killing him.

“The insurgents, it turned out, were unarmed,” CBS reported. “But investigators say the Iraqi the Marine thought he saw moving could have been going for a weapon.”

“At the very least, Navy legal experts believe the situation is ambiguous enough that no prosecutor could get a conviction,” the network reported.That’s one of the arguments Wizbang commenters advanced last November.

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