Warning: Blog-like Content Now Available From The UN

Via my JunkMail folder I’ve learned the United Nations is now sponsoring a “blog.”

I was preparing to send an email announcement about a new blog I’m administering sponsored by the United Nations Foundation (http://undispatch.com), but Howard Kaloogian and WorldNetDaily beat me to it.

In the many hours I spend surveying blogs and online forums to prepare the Daou Report it’s clear to me that there’s a very narrow range of UN-related content on blogs, virtually all of it associated with controversies such as Oil-for-Food. There’s little discussion of the wide range of humanitarian work performed by UN bodies, everything from measles initiatives to Tsunami relief to global environmental issues to women’s rights.

Helping children in need, working for a healthier environment, leading disaster relief efforts around the globe, these are not partisan issues, and I believe that stepping up to defend the UN’s works in these areas is the right thing to do. I’m aware that UN Dispatch will be the target of criticism by opponents of the UN. I welcome a vigorous debate, and invite everyone on this list to be part of the discussion.

You can see from the UN Dispatch blogroll – which will continue to expand – that this is not about “discrediting conservative critics,” as the above-mentioned sources allege, but about engaging in a wide-ranging and productive debate. The blog was launched earlier this month and will soon be open for reader comments.I looked at the blogroll. It may not be about “discrediting conservative critics,” it looks more like ignoring them…

Thanks to Peter Daou for the heads up, but UN Dispatch is not a blog. UN Dispatch is a slick UN operation to put out press releases and Kofi Annan ego stroking stories; masquerading as a blog.

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