Dept Homeland Security to buy SiGARMS Pistols

This is very good news for the people who live and die by their sidearm.

SiGARMS automatics vault it into big leagues

EXETER — A five year, $23.7 million contract, which will provide up to 65,000 pistols for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is expected to put SiGARMS, the local gun manufacturer, on the world map of gun makers.

In the end, the selection process involved running a gauntlet of testing, dealing with reams of bureaucratic paperwork, going through dozens of separate evaluations — and firing off more than three million round of ammunition, using 46 competitive gun models. Each weapon was required to shoot a minimum of 10,000 rounds and each pistol was eventually measured against 50 criteria. The selection process took more than four months to complete.

The winners were three models of Sig Sauer pistols, the P229, P226 and the P239. The P226 and P229 are equipped with a newly designed DAK trigger system, developed by JP Sauer & Sohn, a German-based 200-year-old sister company.

The final Homeland Security order includes sub-compact, compact and full-sized pistols, in two calibers, 9mm and .40-caliber.

For those of you not familiar with SIG, this is good news for the folks who carry these weapons. SIGs are far better than the crap they have been issuing. The better news is that the Army is looking to send some to Iraq.

Many of the GIs in Iraq are already carrying Sigs. The difference is they pay for them out of pocket now. It’s been clear for decades that soldiers could buy better equipment thru civilian channels than they could get thru military procurement. Having these issued now will not only save lives, it will boost moral.

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