Another Day, Another Looney Tune

It is getting to be a difficult decision. When another member of the certifiably insane left goes whacky do I post it or not? Sure it is fun to watch in a “car wreck” sort of way… But after a while it is like picking on a retarded kid.

I mean, you don’t go to the Special Olympics and laugh when a kid falls. Or at least I don’t.

Kevin had the story below about a 6th grade teacher who made her students send US soldiers hate mail. The teacher was clearly a looney tune in her own right. But check out what another looney tune said about Kevin posting the story:

Anger Addicts Pile On an Eleven-Year Old

The Republican Attack Hamsters can’t go 10 seconds without being pissed off at somebody, because if they let up for that long someone might notice that the Emperor has no clothes. Since it’s a slow news day, they’re all ganging up on a sixth grader.

The kid has an excuse for being stupid—he or she is eleven years old. What’s the Attack Hamsters excuse?

Of course it never occurs to him the teacher is to blame… That would require rational thought or doing this thing called reading.

How much longer before the last sane rational person leaves the Democrat party? … Or has it already happened?

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