Wretched excess

This morning, the Boston Globe ran a story that Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) has decided that his long history of landslide victories and a war chest that nearly reaches 5 million dollars isn’t enough. The bloated senator’s bloated ego had decreed that it isn’t enough that he beat whomever the Republicans offer up as a sacrificial goat. No, this time Teddy wants to scare off any potential challengers, and run unopposed. He figures that if he can whip up $8 million dollars, he can cow the already-beleagered Massachusetts GOP into conceding the seat without even a token fight.

I can’t think of anything more damaging to a political system than to be utterly dominated by one side, and that’s what Massachusetts has. For some reason, they keep electing Republican governors, but the legislature is literally overwhelmingly Democratic, as is most of the state judiciary. I think it’s partly because even Massholes know what a horror show it would be if the Democrats completely controlled the state, and partly because the Democratic candidates they’ve tossed up have been a pathetic collection of hacks, losers, and greedy swine.

I can see the practical reasons why the Massachusetts Republicans would give Teddy a bye — it’s pretty much a lost cause, and money spent there would be better spent on races where they have a chance. But I hate to see any candidate get a free ride, Teddy more than most. It’s a sad commentary on democracy.


Update: Some have questioned just how “dominated” Massachusetts is by the Democratic party. Here are the numbers:
U.S. Senate: 2/2 100%
U.S. House: 10/10 100%
Governor: 0/1 0%
State Senate: 34/40 85%
State House: 137/160 86%

In summary: Democrats hold all but 30 of the above 213 positions.

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