Apparently, “logic” is a foreign concept to Congressman Hinchey…

Let me get this straight: Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-Planet Whacko) says he believes Karl Rove was behind the infamous fake Texas Air National Guard memos that sent Dan Rather’s career right down the crapper.

If I’ve got this right, brilliant, Machiavellian, almost-diabolical political strategist Karl Rove arranged for the forgeries specifically to “insulate” Bush against the truth being revealed about his actual service.

But those forgeries were so pathetically bad, an amateur exposed them within in hour.

It’s a tenet of faith that it’s the poor plan that depends entirely on the incompetence of your opponent. By any rights, CBS should have picked up, over the weeks they had to prepare their story, the flaws that their critics spotted immediately. At that point, they should have turned with a vengeance towards finding the source of the documents.

No one, not even Satan himself — er, Karl Rove — could have foreseen the utter incompetence of CBS in handling those documents. That’s the X factor that completely scuttles the conspiracy theory.

But then again, very few Democratic leaders these days have demonstrated much respect for — or familiarity with — simple logic. It’s just so much simpler to blame someone else for your own failings. And easier on their delicate “self-esteem.”

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