Truth and consequences

Kathleen Parker has a column so good, I wish I could tie every moonbat academic at Harvard to a chair and make them read it 3 times aloud. (that means you should read it too.)

Truth and consequences

If I were Harvard President Lawrence Summers – given Womanhood’s reaction to his suggestion that innate gender differences might account for men’s higher achievement in math and science – I’d be sorely tempted at this point to say: “I rest my case.”

Or, alternatively, “. and the horse you rode in on.”

Instead, despite having apologized for speaking an unpopular truth, Summers will be the subject of an emergency faculty meeting scheduled Tuesday at which Harvard professors will discuss: What to do about Larry?

Right off, I’d say give the man a raise for honesty, a brand-new armored Humvee for courage, and, behind curtain No. 3, an all-expense-paid Hawaii vacation surrounded by beautiful women in grass skirts whose idea of chemistry is what happens between men and women on moonlit nights.

Just for fun. …

What Summers said, in terms that left a reasonable amount of wiggle room for reasonable people, happens to be factually, biologically, chemically, genetically, anecdotally and historiagraphically true. Even if it makes some tortured academics reach for the fainting couch.

He did not say that women are dumb, as some claimed in the immediate aftermath. He did not say that women are incapable of doing as well as men in math and science. He merely said that, given the many possible explanations for why men as a group actually do perform better than women as a group – consistently testing better in those areas – that biological differences might be worth considering.


The truth is, Summers’ suggestion is neither radical nor provocative. It’s old news that boys do better than girls in math and science, and that girls do better in the reading and areas requiring verbal skills. Yet, you don’t see men lurching for smelling salts when they hear this. Instead, they stroke their chins and say, “Hmmm, maybe I need a new razor.” …

Male chauvinist pigs (remember them?) can take a vacation as long as women like MIT biology professor Nancy Hopkins are defending women’s intellect. Upon hearing Summers’ words, Hopkins told reporters that she felt she was going to be sick. That her “heart was pounding” and her “breath was shallow . I just couldn’t breathe .”

That someone could rise to the level of professor of biology at MIT and NOT know that different genders of the same organism learn differently is, frankly, amazing… What they hell are they teaching at MIT? (and to think I was disappointed I could not afford to go there)

Political correctness has now run to its logical conclusion. President Summers will probably be fired from his job Tuesday because he said something that is clearly true.


Except, of course, that is not why he is under fire, this is.

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