Kurtz Makes It Official- Gannon Critics are Idiots

Kevin reported it a few days ago but now Kurtz has the story. The sum total of the Gannon nonsense is that there were naked pictures of him on the internet from years ago.

Jeff Gannon Admits Past ‘Mistakes,’ Berates Critics

Jeff Gannon, the former White House reporter whose naked pictures have appeared on a number of gay escort sites, says that he has “regrets” about his past but that White House officials knew nothing about his salacious activities.

“I’ve made mistakes in my past,” he said yesterday. “Does my past mean I can’t have a future? Does it disqualify me from being a journalist?”

Gannon chastised his critics, breaking a silence that began last week when liberal bloggers disclosed his real name, James Dale Guckert, and a Web page, which he paid for, featuring X-rated photos of himself. “Why would they be looking into a person’s sexual history? Is that what we’re going to do to reporters now? Is there some kind of litmus test for reporters? Is it right to hold someone’s sexuality against them?”

It is only acceptable to use ones sexuality against someone if you are a liberal. A liberal can bash someone for being gay but if a conservative has the temerity to say that a family with a mother and a father is the best environment in which to raise a child, they are evil, bigoted hate-mongers. Doesn’t everyone know the rules by now?

Dismissing speculation that he had a permanent White House press pass, which requires a full-blown FBI background check that usually takes months, Gannon said he could not get one because he was required to first get a pass from the Senate press gallery, which did not consider him to be working for a legitimate news organization. Instead, he said he was admitted on a day-to-day basis after supplying his real name, date of birth and Social Security number. He said he did not use a pseudonym to hide his past but because his real last name is hard to spell and pronounce.

Oh my gosh, he used a pseudonym! The horrors. Authors and reporters never do that!

This whole episode was the liberal blogosphere’s version of a virtual shoe throwing. The lefty bloogers did little more than throw their shoes at Gannon while shrieking “You Lied! You Lied!”

Another proud moment in liberalism.

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