Just Make Sure You Get My Name Right

My father worked for the state government, and often had to deal with clueless people in the public. Often people would tell him that they knew the governor (or some of high-ranking state official) and they were going to get him in trouble. My father (who probably only said 3 sarcastic things in his life) would very politely take out a business card and hand it to the person and say, “Just make sure you get my name right.”

Matt Drudge has figured that lesson out. The latest critic is Donna Britt in today’s Washington Post:

Drudge Takes The Oscar For ‘Clueless’

I never thought I’d say it, but Matt Drudge has made me feel better about America.

As manufactured media “news” goes, the right-wing Internet curmudgeon’s effort to scuttle Chris Rock’s appearance as host of the Oscar telecast Feb. 27 hasn’t gained much steam. Which explains my cheerfulness.

As one who hasn’t missed an Oscar telecast since childhood, [That says a lot about her right there -ed]

Speaking of Clueless, Mrs. Britt defines it. How did Drudge reply? He gave her a nice big prominent link of course!

He let the whole world see that the she believes it was some horrible right-wing conspiracy to oust Chris Rock… As if Drudge has never linked anything about a celebrity ever.

The kicker is next week Drudge will have a headline, “Lycos: ‘drudge clueless’ third most searched term”

Drudge doesn’t care who goes after him…. Just make sure you get his name right.

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