Something Fishy…

…is going on in Iran…

DUBAI (Reuters) – A fuel tank falling from an Iranian plane could have caused an explosion in Iran’s Bushehr province, where the country is building a nuclear power plant, Iran state television said on Wednesday.

“A local source said the explosion could have been the result of the falling of an empty fuel tank from an Iranian plane,” Al-Alam said.

The Arabic-language channel also quoted other witnesses as saying that an unknown aircraft fired a missile on Wednesday in a deserted area near the southern city of Dailam, which is in Bushehr province.Iranian TV is buttressing the friendly fire angle, but the real unanswered question is did Israel or the US attack the nuclear facility?

That prospect seems unlikely, though if you see a story along the lines of this:


You can be pretty sure the nuclear facility was destroyed…

Paul Updates According to Reuters, one Israeli source says it was not them.

Senior Israeli security sources told Reuters news agency that Israel’s military was not involved in any blast in Iran. “There was no Israeli military involvement in this,” one Israeli source was quoted as saying.

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