The potential new owner of the Minnesota Vikings was caught by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune puffing up his official biography presented to the assembled media yesterday:

In his official biography, distributed Monday by his Twin Cities public relations firm, Reggie Fowler declared that he played in the Little League World Series, implied that he earned a business administration and finance degree from the University of Wyoming and said that he played for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL and the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

According to officials with all of the sports organizations and official records at the NFL, CFL and University of Wyoming, none of those claims is exactly true.In a nutshell Fowler didn’t play in the Little League World Series, never played a down in the NFL (he was a non roster invitee to a couple NFL training camps and was cut each time), and didn’t get a business degree.

From a quick read of the press release bio [PDF], it looks like he never actually received a Masters degree from ASU either, since he is only noted as enrolling in the program.

Several college coaches have lost their jobs due to biography padding.

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