Save the slap shot!

I’ve never been a sports fan. Last fall, I even snarkily commented about being glad the hockey season was canceled.

But yesterday morning, I heard something that might make me reconsider.

Last night, the American Hockey League (the minor leagues for Hockey) had their All-Star Game here in Manchester. And since they didn’t have anything else to do with it, they also brought the Stanley Cup with them. Yesterday morning, they had the Cup’s Official Keeper interviewed on the radio.

One of hockey’s coolest traditions is that every member of the winning team gets to spend a day with the Cup, taking it wherever they want to and doing whatever they want with it. And they have the pictures to prove it.

One guy took his kids to the movies, and the three of them ate popcorn out of it.

One guy wanted to take it out on his father’s fishing boat. They strapped a life jacket to the cup and out they went. He even took it on a Jet-Ski and showed it off to other boaters.

It’s been to the Asia-Europe border in Russia. It’s been driven around on motorcycles and fire engines, in Volvos and classic Corvettes. It’s posed with statues of Communist dictators and giant moose. One guy took it to the beach and posed it next to a sand model of itself. It’s been to NASA, to the Czech Republic, and Disneyland. Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson, and hundreds of school kids have supped from it (hopefully, after the rim was thoroughly sanitized).

That damned trophy does more in six months than I have in my entire life.

And that’s why we DESPERATELY need to get pro hockey back. Any sport that has that kind of a tradition must be preserved, encouraged, and sustained.

Do it for the children.


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