Really Good News

I’ve been remiss in mentioning the medical problems of Captain Ed’s wife Marcia has faced. Mrs. Morrissey (lovingly referred to as the First Mate) has been on the list to receive a pancreas for some time. After some previous disappointment, a good matching donor was found and just like that the Morrissey’s were off to the hospital. Ed reports that the surgery was a success and his wife is doing well in recovery.

The Wizbang extended family sends our prayers out to the Morrissey family (and the grieving family of the donor) this evening, and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

[Note: As a not too subtle reminder to the wider blogosphere, there’s a grey button linked to PayPal over at Captain’s Quarters should you be so inclined. Also, consider becoming and organ and tissue. If you’ve already checked the box on your drivers license make sure you fill out and carry a donor card and discuss your wishes with your family.]

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