Has Snopes Jumped The Shark Too?

I was apparently the last person on the planet to notice that Wikipedia jumped the shark. I’ve suspected Snopes for some time but never took the time to do any reading… Ace reports that it’s all over but the crying.

I knew Barbara was losing credibility when I read the AL Gore inventing the internet page:

Claim:   Vice-President Al Gore claimed that he “invented” the Internet.

Status:   False.

Origins:   No, Al Gore did not claim he “invented” the Internet, nor did he say anything that could reasonably be interpreted that way.

But then, quite bizarrely, she gives the exact quote from Al Gore:

“During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”

He didn’t say he invented it, he said he created it… Call me ‘unreasonable,’ but it sounded like he claimed he invented it to me. [I once emailed Barbara and said the problem was with her “claim” part, that if you changed the claim to “Vice-President Al Gore claimed that he “created” the Internet” there would be no dispute… but then she could not deny it.]

It really is sad that such a great resource is becoming tainted by her bias. Think about it… She has spent hundreds of hours on this, striving to be the most accurate source in the world -which arguably she is on nonpolitical issues- but then she gives away her credibility for a modest amount of political gain. When she is dead and buried, she’ll be remembered for her work. You would think it would mean more to her than making a political statement.

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