Wizbang Movie Pitch Contest

It seems everyone else is running contests, so I thought I’d try one of my own. I don’t feel like putting a great deal of effort into it, so I’m gonna steal from a couple of other bloggers and synthesize my own twist.

First, Leopold Stotch of Outside the Beltway and Professor Chaos went literary. He challenged readers to change a single letter in a well-known book and come up with a new plot description. (Modesty forbids me from disclosing who won.)

Next, Michele of A Small Victory had a “chain reaction movies” contest, where readers were challenged to pile on more and more movie titles to make the longest movie title they could.

I entered that one briefly, but I found I wasn’t playing along with Michele’s idea. I was playing a different game, using elements from Leopold’s — I was combining two movies, then summing up their plot in a sentence or two.

So that’s my challenge. Take two movie titles that have at least one word in common, run them together, and then come up with a plot summary. This is your chance to make a “pitch” for your dream movie.

I probably didn’t explain that very well, so I’m sticking my entries in Michele’s contest in the extended section as examples.

Winners should be announced Thursday evening.


Weird Al goes to takes over a college TV station. Hilarity ensues.

10101 Dalmations
Computer hacker Bo Derek attempts to make a jacket out of 21 Dalmation puppies.

The Toy Story
Richard Pryor discovers his collection of “action figures” is really alive.

Who’s Johnny Dangerously?
Michael Keaton portrays a robot that takes over the mob.
(OK, the movie was “Short Circuit,” but the theme song was “Who’s Johnny.” Indulge me, will ya?)

Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery Men
Mike Myers joins a group of superhero wannabes to save The City.

Mystery Men Of Honor
Navy salvage divers by day, superheroes by night.

GalaxyQuest For Fire
Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver are TV stars who find themselves swept back to the Dawn Of Man.

Ocean’s 12 Monkeys
Trained chimps sneak away from their Vegas show and attempt to rob a dozen casinos in a single night.

Apocalypse Now, Voyager
Boston spinster blossoms under therapy and finds romance with a Viet Nam veteran and assassin.

The King and I, Robot
Will Smith attempts to teach a robot about life — before it kills again.

Forbidden Planet Of The Apes
(Spoiler: all the apes are projections of Charlton Heston’s subconscious)

Teresa Heinz dumps 'Kerry'
Libertarian Girl Guy


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