Why was it only conservative bloggers?

I’ve looked around and have not seen this discussed. Maybe it was too self-evident or maybe I just missed it.

Why was it only conservative bloggers who were outraged at Eason Jordan’s comments? Jordan accused the U.S. military of murdering journalists, yet the left side of the blogosphere felt no outrage?? I find that curious. There are only a 4 possibilities I can come up with:

1) They hate the military anyway, so slandering them was not a big deal.

2) They believed the insanity.

3) They knew Jordan was “on their side” so they protected one of their own no matter how egregious the behavior.

4) Their hatred of George Bush is so out of control they actually hoped it was true and could be tied to his orders.

It was most probably a combination of all of the above. The left has never been a friend of the people who protect this country. Clinton “loathed” the military and the liberals were OK with it. That hatred might have even lead them to believe it to be true. After all, when you go around shrieking about the military being baby killers and just trying to steal Iraq’s oil, killing a few journalists would not be too far fetched.

Maybe they were quiet because they knew Jordan was one of them and they wanted him to protect him. It would not be the first time. Clinton abused women -one of the cardinal sins of the left- and he got a pass from the lefties because they liked his politics. You never heard the National Organization for Women complain about Clinton like they did Thomas or Packwood.

The most cynical reason of all is their hatred for Bush was so strong they hoped what Jordan said was true…. This is horrific to consider. That they would wish that upon their country for political gain. Still- their past behavior does not preclude that conclusion.

Whatever the reason, I think it speaks poorly of the lefty bloggers. We are a country at war and when our military was accused of a horrendous act, they remained silent. After an event like this, both sides should be united in a quest to get to the bottom of the allegations. — And dare I say it, both sides should have turned a skeptical eye toward Mr. Jordan’s comments.

But whatever motivates the left, it is clear that love of the military isn’t it. Add this to the ever growing list of reasons why the majority of America does not trust the left with power.

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