The liberal blogs picking over Jeff Gannon/Guckert’s carcass apparently have some supposedly groundbreaking news due at some unspecified time. AMERICABlog hints that matching watches (here) and a long retired domain (and other un-presented evidence) means Gannon is toast. The problem is he’s already quit, how much more of his sex life needs to be exposed?

From all indications it’s simply more gay porn info, or ties to a gay sex ring from the 80’s, etc…

Update: The big story is out (NSFW pictures), and shockingly it’s about gay sex… I’m sure John Aravosis’ mom is extra special proud of him today…

Read the conclusion section, and see how Aravosis argues that the fact that someone may be privately gay should disqualify them from access to the White House, and this is far worse that Presidents banging interns or mistresses. Aravosis make the logically flawed leap that a reporter from a private organization has something to do with the White House, whereupon he drudges up all manner of hare-brained conspiracies. Apparently Aravosis has forgotten the recent speculation about Abraham Lincoln who it was argued is gay.

Aravosis clearly lives in a land of distorted reality if he thinks that the background checks performed on reporters are of the classified variety. If that were the case there are plenty of reporter who wouldn’t be allowed in the door. In a time long, long ago sexual preference might have been enough to deny a security clearance, but to my knowledge those days are past. Most likely the reporters are subject to a criminal background check and that’s about it. Given that Gannon likely had a security clearance from prior military service he wouldn’t have merited any special scrutiny.

Could it be that Aravosis (and by extension Kos, Atrios, and Media Matters) are arguing that the government should conduct exhaustive background investigations on White House reporters? It sure sounds like it… That’s a slippery slope I doubt any journalists wants to visit…

At the end of the day, what’s on display here is the hypocrisy of those who profess progressiveness, yet revel in “sexually outing” conservatives.

Note: The update link is very busy, and often can’t be loaded. A PDF version of the page is available here and here.

Update 2: Heaven help you if you’re a Republican male in DC tonight. Showing extraordinary powers of psychic abilities this Raw Story piece attempts to tie Gannon/Guckert to any administration official who has ever been rumored to be gay. Scott McClellan and Ken Mehlman are mentioned in the piece and just about anyone else you can think of (including the President) are mentioned in the comments. But it’s really NOT about outing gay Republicans…



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