Finding Racism Every Time They Look

I’ve often said of Jesse Jackson and his ilk that they’ll find racism every time they look for it. In other words, when you spend your whole life looking for any stupid reason to be offended, you’ll be sure to find it. But this example sets new highs in lows.

Sorry about the snacks

Just think of all the ways a man might use a banana to offend a woman.

Then you may imagine why some people leaped to the wrong conclusion when a woman complained about a Columbus police officer eating a banana at the Civic Center as people gathered for a Jan. 15 civil rights march.

The woman was deeply offended, she told police. The police were deeply bewildered.

The offense was not what you might imagine it to be. I imagined the officer shoving the banana into his pants pocket to make others point at it and say, “Hey, is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to be here getting paid overtime?”

But that was not what offended the woman, who hung up on people who couldn’t figure it out.

Then she called Mayor Bob Poydasheff. He said she just started berating him about the police. He told her he’d heard only compliments about how officers handled the weekend march in which the Rev. Jesse Jackson and other longtime civil rights activists led 8,000 people from the Civic Center to the Government Center.

“She said, ‘No no no no, when the buses pulled into the Civic Center, I saw a policeman eating a banana.’ And I didn’t know what to say,” Poydasheff recalled. “I was stunned. I said, ‘What’s wrong with that? Police were on their feet for eight hours. They had to get potassium in their system.'”

He said the woman told him the banana “was an affront to me and to others, including a former state senator.” She wouldn’t name the senator.

Why was she offended?

Well, it seems that in the context of the march, she took the officer’s banana eating to imply an analogous racial slur relating black people to apes.

Such a comparison would not be uncommon in the parlance of racist propaganda, particularly in the old days. But these days that kind of talk is pretty rare — and pretty obvious, too, when someone really means it.

So as racial slurs go, simply eating a banana now has to be considered rather subtle, for this particular area.

The mayor told the woman he’d check it out. And he did, and he learned that while police were working security at the march, the department sent around a snack van to give officers something to eat, and in fact bananas were among the snacks offered, and some officers did eat bananas.

So he called the woman back and explained all this, and added an apology. “I’m sorry you were offended, and let me apologize to you personally,” he told her.

“Well, send it in writing,” she told him.

Clearly, since the department sent the van out, this is institutional racism at its worse. I’ve also heard from a source that other officers ate oranges. …And you know, Oranges sound like Orangoutangs who look like Apes who could be compared to black people. More racism.

All this proves so many points.

Not the least of which is that the “civil-rights” movement has outlived its usefulness.

Rambling’s Journal did a fine job running this story down.

How *NOT* to Build a Majority Party #2


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