Eason vs Gannon

I was going to save this point for another post, but I don’t have time to write the whole thing, so I’ll put it as a stand alone thought.

A few lefties are trying to compare the Eason and Gannon flaps and say they are the same thing… Even Kurtz fell into this trap.

But there is a WORLD of difference.

Eason Jordan wrongly accused people of murder. Gannon asked a few puffball questions. Comparing the two is a fool’s game of moral equivalence.

The right hand of the blogosphere went after Eason Jordan because of his actions.

The left hand of the blogosphere went after Gannon because of who he was.

As usual, I’m glad to be on the right.

-Update below the fold-

Update: If you wanted proof the left is either stupid or insane, Kos gives you the answer.

After comparing the resignations of the head of CNN news to some guy nobody ever heard of, he tells his cult members,
“We win.”

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