Eason Jordan Resigns From CNN

Shocking news!!!

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan resigned Friday, saying the controversy over his remarks about the deaths of journalists in Iraq threatened to tarnish the network he helped build.

Jordan conceded that his remarks at the January 27 World Economic Forum were “not as clear as they should have been.” Several participants at the event said Jordan told the audience U.S. forces had deliberately targeted journalists — a charge he denied.

“After 23 years at CNN, I have decided to resign in an effort to prevent CNN from being unfairly tarnished by the controversy over conflicting accounts of my recent remarks regarding the alarming number of journalists killed in Iraq,” Jordan said in a letter to colleagues.

“While my CNN colleagues and my friends in the U.S. military know me well enough to know I have never stated, believed, or suspected that U.S. military forces intended to kill people they knew to be journalists, my comments on this subject in a World Economic Forum panel discussion were not as clear as they should have been.”I think the record reflects that the last quoted paragraph does not jibe with the notes of those who attended the World Economic Forum panel. Perhaps the WEF gave him notice that it intended to release the tape? Jordan ignored the Lott/Reins/Rather rule of dealing with blog swarms: It’s the stonewalling and coverups that do you in…

Regardless… Now is the time for the World Economic Forum to release the tape!!!

More at Easongate, InstaPundit, and La Shawn Barbar’s Corner.

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