I, too, have a scream…

When Howard Dean’s “I Have A Scream” speech became the Howl Heard Round the World, I was secretly thrilled. I immediately made it my Shutdown and Critical Stop sounds on my computer. I told everyone it was because I found it so entertaining, but it was more than that.

I had a shock of familiarity when I heard his “YEARGH!” because I can do that shriek almost perfectly, and have been for years, long before I ever heard of Dr. Dean from next door in Vermont. (I saved it for special occasions.)

Back during the New Hampshire primaries, I put it to good use. When a volunteer for the Dean campaign called my home (thank God for Caller ID), I used it to answer the phone. I actually got a laugh out of them. I even got to use it on a couple local talk shows.

Tonight I found that I could actually get some use out of that talent… if I were to fly about a thousand miles south and go to a certain DC bookstore. I don’t care for bobbleheads, but a Dean one might be fun…

I guess I’ll have to see if any local venues decide to copy their idea. Man, I hope so. A howl is a terrible thing to waste.


Update: Because the people have spoken (Well, Scott has spoken, so blame him),here is an MP3 of my scream. I swear, it sounds so much more accurate live… I blame my cheap audio setup.
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