Where Did That “Marcia Cross Is Gay” Rumor Start?

Marcia Cross, a cast member from the television series

Marcia Cross, one of the stars of ABC’s hit show Desperate Housewives, appeared on The View today and denied rumors reported in the press that she’s gay. She also wondered how such a rumor got started.

The sole impetus for the stories now running in gossip columns worldwide is this DataLounge forum. The first post (quoted below) set off a frenzy of speculation that finally settled on Cross.

In other Desperate Housewives news, another cast member is going to come out of the closet in real life with the help of an upcoming cover of The Advocate and a string of talk show appearances. Just in time for May sweeps. Yes, I do know which cast member (it’s the talk of the set thanks to the fact said cast member wants to give The Advocate the exclusive – the editor is a close friend of the star – before announcing it to the rest of the media and so the coming out process is as complicated as the plans for a war) but I will keep mom on who exactly it is other than to say that it won’t be much of a surprise to those on DL. Oh, and the gay cast member will also announce a relationship with the lead of another TV series.

by: Your Friendly Spy At ABC 977 posts 02/01/05 @13:34This is a classic example of a story that bubbled up via the Internet, and also a case where the expected additional reporting of the paid press never quite materialized. The gossip columnists just ran the story as fact without checking the source; presumably because other gossip columnists had already run the story.

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