Jim Geraghty offers an excellent “where are we now” post on the Eason Jordan affair. I tend to to agree with his assessment, though I think he’s missed the mark on one line.

Let’s be honest about the power of the blogs – it is great and was unimaginable in an earlier era, but it is limited.

Clearly Geraghty has not been paying attention to the public dismemberment of Talon News “reporter” Jeff Gannon. The Markos “I’ve Got Howard’s Back” Moulitas Zuniga’s Daily Kos community has succeeded in ending the career of the journalist who worked for Talon News because he had the temerity to ask softball questions at White House news conferences and write under a pseudonym. Moulitas has proclaimed that Gannon (real name James D. “JD” Guckert) is gay based on three domain registrations (none of which lead to working sites).

Gannon/Guckert, who originally laughed off the swarming net detectives, isn’t laughing anymore.

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