Reinventing the wheel

When I was much younger (8 or so), I was a bit of a chess whiz. I regularly beat players my own age, as well as a bit older. During the process, I developed a defense that I was inordinately proud of. Within eight moves, every single piece was protected by at least one other piece — any attacking piece would be taken immediately. I modestly dubbed it “Jay’s Perfect Defense” and used it every time — usually to great success. It involved moving the center two pawns forward, the bishops up and in behind them, the knights beside the pawns and screening the bishops, and the rooks pulled in one column each. (Sorry, can’t find a diagram online.)

A couple years later, I tried this out on someone who had actually studied chess (unlike myself). Within three moves, he commented “oh, the Sicilian Defense” and promptly dismantled it — along with me.

This morning, I outlined my proposal for how a third party could win the presidency. And about half an hour after I posted it, it suddenly occurred to me that the Libertarians’ Free State Project, going on here in Cow Hampshire, could very well be following my plan.

I dunno if my subconscious remembered this and passed it forward, or if I came up with this independently. Regardless, though, I find this an odd coincidence.


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