Man Does Not Live by Politics Alone

You might think, from reading my posts here on Wizbang, that I am completely obsessed with politics to the exclusion of all other things. You’d only be half right. I have dozens of other passions, but they don’t all fit this blog. One of them is aircraft of all kinds. Large or small, fixed wing or rotor it doesn’t matter… If it flies, I’m interested in it. That extends to radio controlled planes.

I suspect with a readership the size of Wizbang’s there are more than a few R/Cers out there. You’ll want to see this. If you are an R/C pilot… especially if you fancy yourself a good R/C pilot, I have a link for you.

I’ll confess I don’t know much about R/C helicopters, but this is just freaking stunning.

We now return to our previously scheduled liberal bashing, already in progress.

Baby Steps
Suffering from premature exclamation


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