Disclosure We’d Like To See

Howard Kurtz covers the Eason Jordan controversy with sloppy wet kisses, but fails to disclose that he’s also on the CNN payroll. This from the person who “outed” Maggie Gallagher. Kurtz’s column would be seen a bit differently were is run as follows:

Eason Jordan, Quote, Unquote
CNN News Chief Clarifies His Comments on Iraq

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer and host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources
Tuesday, February 8, 2005; Page C01

I like Roger L. Simon’s description of the article,”Breaking a curious ten-day silence on the most important recent story on his beat, WaPo media analyst Howard Kurtz has written a carefully crafted, linguistically bland semi-defense of CNN News chief Eason Jordan against charges he accused US troops of ‘targeting’ 12 journalists.”

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