Crow for breakfast

Yesterday morning, I found that two of my postings over the weekend had drawn a bit of attention — and not overly favorable attention.

First, I spent a bit of time smacking around Oliver Willis. I really shouldn’t have — it’s easier than beating a retarded kid, and more satisfying. But it took Bill of INDCJournal to point out that Oliver is desperately trying to retain any semblance of credibility and relevance, and to him any attention is welcome. Bill has taken The Pledge, renouncing any further debates with Oliver or any further linkage, as it is simply a counterproductive waste of time. I am ashamed. I should have realized that myself, and it shouldn’t have taken Bill giving me a cyber dope-slap to bring it to my attention. I think I’ll follow his example.

My second piece to garner much flak was where I vented about politicians rushing off to see big disasters for themselves, just so they could pronounce “yup, it’s a mess” and get in the way of real rescue workers. Now, I was speaking about natural disasters — Bush’s appearance at the World Trade Center after 9/11 was a truly important moment — but apparently quite a few Wizbang! readers have been through disasters. (Florida’s hurricane survivors are a vocal bunch.) I didn’t take into account the importance of such symbolism to the survivors that the “big boys” know just what they’re going through, and if not exactly “feel their pain,” can see and hear and touch for themselves the magnitude of the disaster. I let myself focus solely on the physical aspects of disaster relief, and ignored the emotional/spiritual/intangible aspects. There’s more to life than mere living, and I let that get past me. To those who took me to task for this, please accept my thanks and my apologies.

That being said, I stil think it was stupid of Kofi Annan to rush off to the tsunami area (it just highlighted how useless and inept the UN is in general, and he in particular), and Oliver is still a schmuck. But certain things should be self-evident, and don’t need to be repeated ad nauseum.


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