Where Are The Watchdogs?

One of the most disconcerting aspects of the comments by CNN’s Eason Jordan at the World Economic Forum (see Do US Troops Target Journalists in Iraq on the WEF blog) is the lack of coverage from those who are paid to cover the media.

This tidbit from an article about the 1998 World Economic Forum (emphasis mine) may be telling:

Conference expenses are easily covered by membership dues and attendance fees. Each Davos forum now nets approximately $12 million, which is re-invested in the “non-profit” WEF foundation. Membership in the WEF costs around $12,000 ($15,000 for banks), and attendance fees for the 1997 Davos forum came in at $7,200. Fees for the 1998 forum were higher than ever, although journalists and politicians were invited free of charge. (And any journalist knows the implications of a free lunch, let alone a free ticket to hobnob at Davos. Don’t expect to find any critical coverage of the event from the establishment media.)

And where are industry watchers like Poynter Online (zero mentions), I Want Media (zero relevant mentions, or Howard Kurtz*** ?

In fact a Google News search reveals that the coverage is limited to blogs and assorted online publications.

Update: I forgot to check Hugh Hewitt‘s site first. Hugh has been pushing this story forward, and he notes that he did prevail on PressThink’s Jay Rosen to look into the situation. Jay, as usual, does a thorough and balanced offering on the story. When the promised video of the event is released Wizbang is set to host it.

Update: La Shawn Barber has a repository of links to the various sites covering the story and all the updates. Check it out.

Update 2: The inevitable Easongate.com has debuted.

*** Mickey Kaus noted earlier that Kurtz has gone pretty easy on CNN, perhaps because he has a show on CNN.

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