How Much Do You Think That’s Worth?

Good news for the teens girls mention in Paul’s post from this afternoon; a local radio station has raised their fine.

DURANGO, Colo. (AP) – Two teenage girls who got in trouble for surprising their neighbors with homemade cookies will not have to pay nearly $1,000 in medical bills for a woman who says she was so startled that she had to go to the hospital.

Radio station KOA-AM of Denver raised more than $1,900 from listeners Friday to pay the girls’ $930.78 fine. The rest of the money will go to a charity dedicated to victims of the Columbine High School massacre.The hypochondriac neighbor, Wanita Renea Young, hopes the girls have learned a lesson. If you follow the story link it sure sounds like the lesson to be learned is that the Young family are assholes…

The story does bring to mind a story from my recent trip to Las Vegas. While walking back to my hotel from the MGM Grand where I had been checking out the Billboard Music Award I was accosted by a young lady who wanted my opinion. She was walking back to the same hotel with another female friend and for some reason they wanted to know what I though the proper damages for a chipped or broken tooth was. The lady had been eating in some restaurant and somehow chipped her tooth. She wanted to know how much money I thought she should could get from the restaurant.

I asked a few questions about the circumstances and from the answers it sounded like the restaurant was just unlucky to have her as a customer that night. I told her I didn’t think she would or could get anything, since the tooth chipping didn’t sound like it was the fault of the restaurant. She was worried about the contingency fees a lawyer would charge, and said that she was thinking of contacting (or perhaps had already contacted) the restaurant directly. She had dollar bills in her eyes. She asked repeatedly, “How much do you think that’s worth?”

She didn’t like my answer…

Here I come to save the day...
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