Like Magnets to Stupid III

Did you think I’d be quiet on the Oliver Willis kerfuffle?

Ya know I had to chuckle when Jay pointed out this comment Ollie Boy left.

I have registration for my comments because I got tired of spam and rightwingers calling me racist names.

Because Ollie Boy apparently missed my reply to Laurence Simon a few hours earlier, on that same thread.

I accused Oliver Willis of trackbombing for traffic before, but very few people believed me.

Maybe a few more believe me now.

Shut up you racist.

Ollie Boy is so predictable he can be parodied. Anyone who disagrees with him is a racist. It really is sad. He has no intellectual power so he just calls his opponents racist. It is Oliver’s own twist on Godwin’s Law.

I think my favorite example is this post: Dean Esmay: Dumbass, Racist. Dean makes the point that black people (comedians specifically) can make fun of white people and no one complains, but if the roles were reversed and whites made fun of black people, they would be called racist.

This is an observation made by many people of both races including, notably, black comedian Chris Rock. Yet when Dean Esmay says it, Ollie Boy calls him a “Dumbass Racist.” (Which BTW for anyone with an IQ above 7 should prove Dean’s point in Technicolor.)

This is (yet another) icon of why the left loses elections. They are hate filled cretins stuck in the 1960s. Ollie is just the poster boy. A sad pathetic poster boy.

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