Bush Bitch-slaps Rather

Every Friday afternoon, Howie Carr has Fox News’ Chris Wallace on to kick around matters and to plug Wallace’s Fox News Sunday. This week, Wallace had a truly wonderful story to tell.

(Disclaimer: I heard this about two hours ago, and while I tried to remember every detail, I most likely have the words all wrong. I’ll try to be faithful to the sentiment.)

Apparently, last Wednesday Bush and Cheney had a bunch of media types over for lunch to plug the State Of The Union Address. They invited all the network and cable anchors and Sunday talk show hosts. After the meal, while they were leaving, Dan Rather was awkwardly waiting to talk to Bush while he was chatting with Brit Hume (of Fox News).

Bush turned to Rather, smiled, and held out his hand. “So, Dan, are you retiring back to Austin?”

Rather was a bit put off. “Well, sir, I’ll be spending about half the year there from now on.”

“That’s great. I’ll see you there in four years.”

I think I’d sell my immortal soul to see a video of that encounter…


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