The Minority Report

“We’ll all be listening respectfully to the President.”
(Rep. Nancy Pelosi, News conference on upcoming State Of The Union address, Washington, D.C., 1/31/05)

The Washington Post – “[A]s the president spoke in the house chamber, several Democrats hissed and rumbled ‘no, no, no’ during some of his assertions about Social Security.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
– “Throughout Bush’s remarks on Social Security, the reaction of lawmakers broke down dramatically by party, with Republicans offering ovations, and some Democrats hissing and murmuring “No!’ to Bush’s assertions that the system faced a crisis.

John Roberts (CBS News) – “At a couple points in this address, it looked more like the British Parliament than The United States Congress. I’ve never heard the minority party shout at the President during The State Of The Union Address.

Tim Russert (NBC News) – “The Democrats have lost two hotly contested presidential elections, and their nerves are frayed. You can feel it in this town, and I think it was reflected on the floor tonight.

Dana Milbank (Washington Post) – “Democrats participated in ‘outright heckling.’ [B]ush’s rhetoric split the house chamber between the throaty roars of Republican conservatives and the stony silence and occasionally outright heckling of the Democrats.

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