Must a teen involved in a crime seek forgiveness from the family of their victims? That’s the debate about one of the attendees at the State of the Union last night.

When 15 year old Damien Bynoe and two friends took a gun and went to settle a dispute, 15 year old Korey Grant and 11 year old Charles Copney, Jr. wound up dead. Public outcry over the case led Massachusetts politicians to pass one of the country’s toughest juvenile crime laws. One of those two friend was Will Dunn, who was jailed for his involvement as an accomplice in the 1991 murder.

Last night Will Dunn sat to the one row behind the First Lady at the invitation of the White House. The New York Times referred to him as “Will Dunn, street gang outreach worker and mentor, Dorchester, Mass.” He was there to serve as an example of someone who turned his life around from a life of gang violence.

The parents of one of Dunn’s victims aren’t too thrilled with this turn of events, since they claim Dun has never apologized to them.

Scott Miller from Boston talk radio station WRKO has much more on the story.

Update: One thing that Miller’s story doesn’t make clear is that, from the limited information I’ve been able to find, Dunn was not the shooter. Dunn was a juvenile at the time, and the case is so old that there’s no way for me to determine if Dunn was an active participant in the shooting or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Clearly Dunn has cleaned up his act, the question is whether that alone is enough…

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