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v838 .jpg
Light Echos from V838 Monocerotis

Drudge had a thumbnail up, but his link did not have the picture or even a link to the picture. Then, every link I followed, had either no picture or misinformation. (or both) Since I recognized the picture, I figured I’d put an explainer up for anyone left curious after seeing it on Drudge. In addition to being eye candy, it is a cool phenomenon…

The picture is capturing light echoing just like sound does here on earth. The news here is that it is still being seen 3 years after it was first documented. You don’t get the full effect from the single picture because you can’t see an echo in only one picture. The original series was shot over a few months in 2002 and released in March 2003. But one picture does not an echo make… if you want the full effect, here is an animation. The full story on today’s release is here.

If you wander thru that site, (or maybe jpl’s) you can find highres pictures of all 4 images. Large enough to make good 8×10’s for you science junkies. (I’ll dig up the link, or I’ll email the set to anyone interested.)

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