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Glenn Reynolds…Bush’s best speech ever, I think. He seems much more comfortable and relaxed, probably because of the Iraqi elections going so well. I think we’re just figuring out just how much the Administration’s plans turned on that. He bet on the Iraqi people, and he won.

Captain EdGood speech, probably a great SOTU speech.

Stephen GreenBush is praising the troops, and I can’t think of a president who did it better, ever. No wonder they love this guy.

John HinderackerOn the whole, an excellent job… The embrace between the Iraqi activist and Mrs. Norwood was powerfully emotional and symbolic, summing up at once the sacrifice, the purpose and the progress of the Iraq war.

Kevin DrumThe domestic half of the speech seemed fairly pedestrian and flat. The foreign affairs half was often soaring and beautiful. Overall a decent speech, although I doubt he changed many minds about Social Security privatization.

Michelle MalkinPresident Bush threw a bone to fiscal conservatives in tonight’s speech. [Ed – The devil is in the details though…]

Patrick RuffiniThis is Bush’s second best SOTU, after 2002, and I only say that because of the important groundwork laid by that speech, at a time when many were wondering which direction this President would go after the initial shock of 9/11.

Peter Cook – It was powerful, moving and most importantly, made the Democrats extremely unhappy. All in all, a successful state of the Union.

Jimmie Bise, Jr.This may go down as one of the very strongest SOTU speeches ever made. His Inauguration speech looks like the teacher’s economic lesson from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” compared to this.

Nicole GriffinBush has done a great job of laying out the problems with Social Security. He sounded very convincing. [Ed – She also notes that she can’t ever remember booing at a SOTU before.]

Jared LibetThis was a very quick speech, especially considering the ground the President covered, but I thought he presented his foreign policy plans with hope and his domestic agenda with logic.

Mark TapscottA great speech that establishes the parameters of the debate in Congress on the defining issues of Social Security reform and America’s role in the world as the chief defender of freedom.

Dylan BilesGod damn… is there anyone better than the Republicans at understanding the power of a picture? Tell me the image of the mother of a fallen solider hugging a woman who just voted in a free Iraq won’t last forever?

Matt Margolis and Kevin McCullough – (Matt) The Dems stand when Bush says we’ll give our military the tools for victory…. how many voted against funding for our troops? (Kevin) Dozens

James JoynerOverall, it was a solid speech with lots of good sound bytes. Even as a whole, it was much less laundry list-like than many recent SOTUs.

Bryan PrestonThis speech really worked, was bold and at the same time crafted so well that it forced the president’s critics to stand up and applaud when it was obvious their first instinct was to chuck a tomato at him. It was really a tour de force.

Augustine at Redstate Here’s the simplest way to say it: The best parts of this State of the Union speech … weren’t in the speech. They were the images on the screen.

Joe MalchowThis speech’s power was in its engineering. Bush started moving quickly after November 2nd, 2004. The gameplan was presented before the nation this evening.

Mark JaquithPresident Bush’s State of the Union Address delivered a message of hope, a reaffirmation of America’s commitment to freedom, and showcased a bold progressive domestic agenda.

Joe KatzmanOverall, this was good. Surprisingly good.

Joel Achenbach – Bush gave a very good speech, I thought, and seemed poised and confident without as much of the smirky, cocky, frat-boy quality of some of his appearances. [Ed – I must have missed the memo about The Washington Post having a blog]

Less Serious Reaction


Chauncey GardnerYes! There will be growth in the spring!

Ana Marie Cox“The United States has no right, no desire, and no intention to impose our form of government on anyone else.” Others have “a tiny group of brutal, self-appointed rulers control every aspect of every life.” Well, I guess now that Ashcroft’s not around….

Andy (World Wide Rant)In 2018, Social Security will be paying out more than it takes in – remarkably, just like the U.S Government of 2004.

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