Farewell Johnny

David Letterman devotes his entire show tonight to Johnny Carson, including the entire monologue. The week before Carson passed it was reported that he had been sending Letterman joke Tonight is REAL Carson tribute show – on CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman. Johnny hated Jay Leno, which is what made last week’s tribute so phoney…

Another heartfelt tribute to Carson played out last night in Norfolk, Nebraska – the town where Carson was raised. Johnny didn’t want a L.A. memorial, but one suspects that he’d have welcomed the hometown celebration.

In other Carson news, Richard Johnson in New York Post notes:

Even in death, Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect. The late comedy legend’s longtime publicist, Kevin Sasaki, got a call from a booker at CNN last week asking him if “Rodney would be available to share his comments on the passing and legacy of Johnny Carson.” Sasaki replied that unless CNN had a new way of linking up to the afterlife via satellite, that would be impossible. Dangerfield, of course, passed away last October.

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