Silly Little Moonbat

I had sworn off posting about this(1) like a drunk swears off booze right after he gets picked up for DUI — You swear it is the last time but you really know better. But this really is too funny to pass up. As many of you know, I have my very own little pet moonbat.

My little pet moonbat has a category on his blog called hatred, wherein he decides who, in his little mind, is displaying “hatred” and vilifies them accordingly. To illustrate how it works, I recently achieved such infamy because I had the temerity to suggest that not many Muslims were outraged over Muslim terrorists beheading innocents.

Being the liberal that he is, my pet moonbat holds himself up as the role model of tolerance and compassion. — Qualified to pass judgment on others.

So you can imagine my surprise (cough) when I found a post on his blog titled “50 Most Loathsome People… Hehe…” — I, of course, made the list which is the highest award I’ve received to date for my effort here at Wizbang. Here’s a sample:

Collin[sic] Powell – One Word, “Sellout” [Term used for a black man who thinks -ed]

LaShawn Barber – Only I don’t want to give her that level of importance. [A black woman who thinks]

Britney Spears – Bubble gum chewing idiot that I would like to see star in a Bukkake(2) film.

Paul from Wizbang – Who I’d like to see on the other side of a Glory
Hole in San Francisco.

Rush Limbaugh – Should’ve overdosed, nuff said.

Katherine Harris – There is a place next to Britney.

J-Lo – Who I would do in a heartbeat, but who lets face it, is a home wrecking slut.

Ashlee Simpson – The No Talent Scuzbucket

Michael Powell – Who’s [sic] claim to fame is being his Daddies[sic] son, and an idiot moral crusader.

Well, I am honored. To be on the same list as Rush Limbaugh and Colin Powell, I must be doing something right. But enough about me.

I find it hysterical that the same man boy who lectures others about compassion and tolerance makes posts where he wishes people dead and displays intolerance toward the gay community. Not very compassionate is it?

Typical liberal. Judgmental of others when they define the poor behavior they decry.

(1) And I hope to never post about the insolent child again but when he does something this stupid, it is almost a moral obligation.

(2) Bukkake is a group sex practice where a series of men take turns to ejaculate on a kneeling woman or man. At the end of the process, the recipient usually drinks the semen. There are strong overtones of erotic humiliation in this practice.

Isn’t he qualified to lecture you about hatred?

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