A Work In Progress…

Tomorrow I will be at the The Heritage Foundation as a member of the panel for this event – Dan Rather is Retiring: Is the Blogosphere the New Media Establishment?. Matthew Sheffield (RatherBiased), Paul Mirengoff (aka Deacon) from Powerline, and I will join host Mark Tapscott in a panel discussion on blogging and the media.

One of the items I’ve been working on for my portion of the presentation is a look at blogs versus traditional media web sites. Using John Hawkins rankings of The Top 125 Political Sites on the net as a base, I added the web sites of selected newspapers to the ratings to see how the top trafficked blogs stack up.

Here’s what it looks like.

You’ll note that several blogs rank higher than mid size daily newspapers and some are pushing the sites of papers in the top 50 (by daily circulation). The data suggest that the question isn’t. “when will blogs ‘arrive?; but rather “blogs HAVE arrived, what now?”

If you want answers to that question you’ll have to tune into to the webcast Friday morning at 11:00am (Eastern).

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