Radiological Emergency in West Palm Beach

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Radiological Emergency in Downtown West Palm Beach

By WPTV staff.
January 26, 2005

West Palm Beach Fire/Rescue is investigating a leak of radiological material at 321 South Dixie Highway. The fire department recieved an initital report of smoke in the area with a high radiantion level at the Corodino Environmental Management Group. The fire department has evacuated a four block area between Quadrille, Olive, Dixie, and Fern. The evacuation has proceeded calmly and the fire department has not issued any type of advisory that would affected breathing or other health concerns. There have been no reported injuries

I have nothing to add other than the obvious that is worth keeping an eye on.

Google comes up dry on “Corodino Environmental Management Group”

Update: It is spelled Corradino.

Update 2:OOOOOPS

The level of radiation coming from the Corradino Group, 321 S. Dixie Highway, was considered dangerous, a fire department spokesman told WPEC NEWS 12 in its 5 p.m. newscast.

However, police and fire officials later told NEWS 12 that there may not have been a leak after all.

About 3:20, the fire department got an initial reading of high radiation levels but by 5:30 p.m. levels had returned to normal. The first reading was probably false, officials said.

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