More Than Meets The Eye

Yesterday’s item noting this seasons hot prom dress piqued readers interest. One Wizbang reader went the extra mile and checked out the manufacturer’s prom dress line and found that the Post got the story backward – literally.

So was The New York Post trying to titillate readers? You be the judge:


New York Post version                Manufacturer version

Update: The Post responds. I’ve been contacted by the photo editors on the story who have assured me that the model was NOT wearing the dress backward. From the Impression Bridal’s web site (dresses on page 7), this photo is closest to the Post version. The disappearance of the fabric on the Post model may just be because the model in the black dress is wearing a bigger size.

In the comment section Windstar says Katie Couric on Today interviewed the designer who said sales took off once a runway model wore the dress backward.

Much clearer now, isn’t it?

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