Blogger’s Manna From Google Heaven

Oh this could come in handy:

Search engine Google sets sights on video

Internet search giant Google’s next target: video.

Monday night, Google (GOOG) introduced a test site that searches closed-caption TV show transcripts (

What the site won’t let you do is locate specific video clips, even though some smaller video search engines offer that. Google says clips will come in the next version.

Rival Yahoo (YHOO) countered Google’s Monday announcement by saying it would incorporate closed-caption transcripts at its test site by the end of February. Yahoo said it also will add searchable news video clips currently unavailable.

Google is working with transcripts from ABC, PBS, C-Span and Fox News.

This is better than a Tivo in some ways.

Maybe we’ll finally get an answer to this question.

Update Or not…. You can SEARCH the transcripts but not read them. The point being?????
I tired answering the question I linked above and I’m no closer than I was yesterday. (update below fold) Maybe I’m missing something.

Update Taj answered my question in the comments. Apparently it was in CNN transcript. It was not in the NYT transcript nor was the exchange shown on C-SPAN. Apparently the NY Times had their transcriptionist watching C-Span and they missed it. I can say that with a fair amount of certainty because I TiVo’d C-SPAN and the Times transcript matched it but not CNN’s. Mystery solved.

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