The 10 Spot – Girls Gone Wild Edition

Ten stories of girls gone wild (or mild) that you may have missed…

Paige Davis, of TLC’s Trading Spaces, was fired. Maybe that sex tape that was, then wasn’t, now is again? James Joyner reports

Rumor – Former teen popstar Debbie Gibson, or as she now prefers to known – Deborah Gibson, is making a comeback. What better place to kick off your new image than the pages of the March edition of Playboy.

Gawker has a candid shot of Jenna Bush enjoying the inaugural ball.

More from the Bush Twin archive – Jenna and Barbara Bush, and another. Another picture of Jenna, drink in hand. Hey was that a rock on Jenna’s finger?

Halley Berry at the Golden Globes. Looks like she remembered to use deoderant

From the producer of “Apollo 13” and “A Beautiful Mind” – “Inside Deep Throat.” No it’s not about Watergate…

Eva Longoria at the Golden Globes, just because…

Who say’s there’s no hot Republican babes?

Is Britney Spears pregnant? Pictures of her shopping for baby clothes suggest that she might be. [NSFW]

The next season of The Amazing Race, which premieres March 1, will feature Survivor All-Star winner Amber Brkich and her fiance “Boston” Rob Mariano as contestants.

Stormy Weather(man) Update
Countdown to Global Catastrophe (Ominous Music Here)


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