I Wouldn’t Trust Him With Your Money

From David Scott Goofball:

With all the news about the Tsunami, many people have not heard of the devastating flood that recently hit Costa Rica’s Carribean Coast.

…send ANY donations to ISOU. Send them directly… I have asked for … a note in English, where you can easilly donate. I will update with a link on Monday.

If you don’t know what I talking about read this post of mine. Then read what Shit for Brains did to it.

The core responsibility of blogging is to try to fair and honest at all times. Partisanship and bias are fine but within the bounds of intellectual honesty. Anyone can cut a quotation out of context like Maureen Dowd.

Shit for Brains (SFB) glibly posts it with the subject “without comment.” Of course he does, that is a tantamount admission he is wrong. Anything he said would give away he was cutting the quote.

Notice he posted it under the heading “Hatred.” Oddly -but typical for a liberal- I’m the one who -in his distorted world- is displaying hatred but the people chopping peoples’ heads off get a pass. If SFB were so worried about “hatred” maybe he could mention the murderers? Huh? Huh?

Any fair reading of my full post would show that it should be filed under something like “sad dismay.”

But it is typical of moonbat liberals — terrorists cut off peoples’ heads and they blame Republicans.

And they wonder why they lose election.

2 Updates below the fold…

If he had any class he’d admit he overplayed his hand and apologize… but he won’t. The only “hatred” on display in that post is his own.

Update Funny, after prattling off at the mouth about the hatred of Christians and calling me a Nazi, he still has not managed to even condemn the beheadings. Typical liberal.

And SFB, I have a correction for you. You said “I am a partisan political player” You might be a lot of things… but a “player” you are not.

Update 2 For my liberal readers –wait, lemme rephrase that– for my moonbat readers…

I of course was not implying he was trying to steal money. David is a complete moonbat and a horses ass but he was genuinely asking for money for a good cause. And he was asking you to send the money to the Red Cross. (Please follow the top link)

For you moonbats who could not figure it out, he took one of my quotes out of context so I did the same to one of his posts to illustrate how easy and dishonest it was, as well as how you would make a quote say anything if you have no ethics.

For my readers with an IQ above 65 who figured that out, sorry for wasting your time with this explaination.

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Survivor Found 1 Month After Tsunami


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