The 5 Spot- Weird News Edition

For some reason there has been a lot of odd news lately you might have missed with the inauguration festivities.

1. Italians have wagered billions of dollars recently on the lotto and over half of them are betting on the same number.

2. The two biggest beer makers in the world have gotten to -shall we say- a pissing contest.

3. I bet this guy knows a little about that last part.

4. A fish with a human face? I see the resemblance but it is nothing to carp about.

5. The San Francisco Chronicle has a new name for moonbats. Bias, what bias?

OK one bonus pick. It’s not so much odd news as it is an odd belief. James Klurfeld of Newsday says we should not try to spread freedom around the world because freedom is hard and we aren’t that good at it anyway.

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