Exit Poll Postmortem

The evaluation of the 2004 presidential election exit polls, done by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International for the National Election Pool (NEP), is now available [PDF]. Gerry Daly has been analyzing the report, and finds that the initial reports seem to be misinterpreting the data.

It looks like the age of the exit poller was a primary factor in the oversampling of Kerry support. Whether the errors were intentional, or the product of pro-Kerry bias in that age group is open for debate.

Given the example of the cut and paste fiasco with the CBS report, I’ve gone ahead and created a webified version of the Edison/Mitofsky report here: http://wizbangblog.com/docs/nepeval/index.php. You can link to any page of the PDF by specifying it in the URL string. To link to the ninth page of the document, for example, you would use the following syntax:


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