Google Releases Picasa 2.0

For all of you with iPhoto envy, Google released Picasa 2.0 today.

Google Updates Picasa Photo Software

Version 2 of the free image-editing app enhances organizational, sharing features.

Google has introduced an upgrade to its Picasa photo editing and organizing software, offering users advanced capabilities such as adding new lighting and color effects, and burning CDs.

Picasa 2, available for free download from the search giant’s Web site, builds on the product Google gained when it acquired photo management company Picasa last year.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the release underscores the search company’s focus on allowing users to better find and organize information stored on their computers.

Picasa 2 scans stored images and sorts them by date, allows users to add labels and star ratings to favorites, and lets them keep pictures in multiple albums.

It’s no iPhoto but for my Widows users who drool over iPhoto but can’t run it, it is as close as you can get. And it’s free from the link above.

All jokes aside, it is good software if you are not familiar with it. Try it.

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BTW Jay Tea, that’s not trolling, it’s just tweaking the noses of a few lamers. Of course, since Picasa won’t cure diabetes what good is it? [Those of you that don’t get the inside joke, just move along.]

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