Why Have Email If You Can't Use It?

[Yeah, it’s a rant!]

It’s a good thing I can’t crawl thru the internet wires and grab by the throat some of the morons running mail servers today. I’d be charged with murder for sure.

OK, so spam is a problem. But which is worse, unwanted email or missing important business email because the spam filter ate it?!?!?!

I must use some phrase that spam filters hate. About 20% of the mail I send gets sent back to me from some idiot spam filter. My favorite moronic bounce is what I get when I use my a return address that does not match my IPS’s domain name. What are the millions of people who own their own domains supposed to do? Not send mail?

[geek example] Or if I use an IP address that resolves and I use my ISP’s mail server I get the same problem.

What caused this rant was the odyssey I just went thru to send a single email. The first time I tried sending this domain mail, I had to be whitelisted. Then (bizarrely) it appeared to whitelist me by user. (ie: I could send to one user email but not another.)

After I got past that problem, (and a few others) the spam filter bounced me for content. It got offended because I used a word it did not like. It did not tell me the word so I had to guess. and guess and guess and guess.

By the time it was all said and done, the email bounced 15 times before I got it to go thru. I finally saved the mail as a text file, then I zipped it and sent it with no explanation lest it be bounced for that.

In the end, my contact did not get the mail in time for his meeting. A multi (multi multi) million dollar company wasting executives’ time because the geeks (term used lightly) set the spam filter on “shoot anything that moves” because they have no ability to make an intelligent risk vs reward analysis.

So I get to the point… If you are going to set spam filters so tight that a simple business proposal gets bounced, why have email? Let’s just go back to smoke signals.

At least than we knew what to expect.

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