Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ captured the imagination of the royal watchers among Wizbang readers. There were so many good and worth entries you’re remanded to visit the contest page and read them all. Alas my duty is to select the winners, so here are the winning entries for this picture:

The Sun said Prince Charles, seen here surveying flood damage in Carlisle, was also angry at his elder son William because he was with Harry when he chose the costume(AFP/WPA POOL/Owen Humphreys)

1) (crerar) – “MEIN-graine !!!

2) (Fustian) – “Prince Charles enjoying the intricate harmonies of Ashlee Simpson during a recent Prince’s Trust.

3) (Duffer) – “What the hell has Hewitt’s boy been up to this time?

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Honorable Mention

4) (jmaster) – “Serenity now…. Serenity now.. ….Serenity now.

5) (Kevin Murphy) – “Damn me, but where did he get the cigarettes? We’ve taught him better than that!

6) (Laurence Simon) – “How many times have I told you… dress the HOOKER like the SS officer, not YOURSELF!

Until next Friday…

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