Save the Planet, Drive an SUV

This “news” is 30 years old.

Fossil Fuel Curbs May Speed Global Warming: Scientists

LONDON (Reuters) – Cutting down on fossil fuel pollution could accelerate global warming and help turn parts of Europe into desert by 2100, according to research to be aired on British television on Thursday.

“Global Dimming,” a BBC Horizon documentary, will describe research suggesting fossil fuel by-products like sulfur dioxide particles reflect the sun’s rays, “dimming” temperatures and almost canceling out the greenhouse effect.

The researchers say cutting down on the burning of coal and oil, one of the main goals of international environmental agreements, will drastically heat rather than cool climate.

“When the cooling affect goes away — and it must do because particles like sulfur dioxide are damaging to humans — global warming will be much stronger,” climate change scientist Dr Peter Cox told Reuters on Wednesday.

This really is nothing new. In the 1970’s the environmentalists were peddling the theory that all the pollution would go up into the air and stop the sun light from hitting earth. That wold reduce the light needed to grow crops and we were all going to die. (Have you ever noticed every time an environmentalists says anything, it ends with ‘and we’re all going to die’?)

I’ll never forget it, it scared the hell out of me in the third grade.

Then those same “scientists” (term used very loosely) said just a few years later that the earth would warm because of the same pollution. Then after Gulf War I they said the pollution would make us cold again.

(some of my regular readers may want to sit down for this part)

This is why I, a Green Peace member who married a PETA member, left the environmental movement. They have no clue what the earth will do, if anything, but they do know the solution, halt capitalism.

If they can’t tell me the temperature next Tuesday, how can they tell me what it will be 100 years from now?

OOPS: In my rushing around tonight, I forgot my manners. I got this from Mark Jaquith

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